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Pollen is a product collected by bees from different flowers. It is the richest natural food protein, vitamins, essential amino acids, hormones, enzymes and other useful ingredients for our nutrition. The flavors vary depending on the plants from which they come. 100 g pollen contains many amino acids as many in pound beef or 7 eggs (35 g day meet the protein needs of an adult).

Recommended when we:

  • Weight loss
  • Intestinal disorders
  • Psychosis, stress and neurasthenia
  • Memory loss
  • Evil metabolism
  • Mild allergic manifestations
  • Prostate Problems
  • Improves hair
  • Menopause Problems
  • It helps to regulate the functioning of the reproductive system in men and woman

    Methods of consumption:

  • Unchanged
  • Mixing it with water or juice
  • Mix with honey (1 part pollen-2 parts honey)

– The normal dose for adults is 15 to 20 g / day (about a tablespoon) in the morning or at times when the stomach is empty.
– For children is recommended half dose (teaspoon)
– For tired bodies: 32 g / day.

Pollen can be consumed over the course of time or intervals of 4-6 weeks, 3-4 times per year.