Sithon new store in Neapoli Salonica city (El. venizelou str 64)

The Agricultural Beekeepers Association of Nikiti through online stores selling the products resist the crisis and continues to offer quality products at great prices.

In Sithon stores you will find:

  • separate Greek honey varieties
  • packaging of 30 g to 13 kg
  • honeycomb honey straight from the hive without any treatment
  • all bee products: Royal jelly, pollen, propolis,  wax creme etc.

Sithon Greek honey in Thessaloniki:

  • Al. Papanastasiou str. 101, Charilaou
  • Angle Apelou str. 6 and Al. Svolou str. 28 in the center of Thessaloniki
  • El. Venizelou str. 64, Neapoli (NEW STORE!)